Basics of Live Casino Design

Basics of Live Casino Design

The importance of the interior design of casinos is similar to the importance of aerodynamics in the design of automobiles. When you walk into a casino, you will feel as if a force is pulling you forward. This is not accidental. This is a result of expanding an array of gaming options that you will see and experience with all your senses. You will see dazzling colours, enticing lights and even the temperature in most casinos is scientifically calculated and set for your maximum enjoyment and comfort. You will also quickly find, that no matter where you need to go, be it a bar, an elevator, a bathroom or a food buffet, you will find yourself in very close proximity to the gaming areas.

Typically, when you walk into a casino, you will immediately find yourself next to slot machines and video poker games. They are located there so that you can start playing right away without having to spend a lot of money. Playing these machines is also very easy, which is why a decision to try them is easy and fun.

As you walk into the main area of a casino, you will often see a line of gamblers who are waiting to exchange their winning tickets into cash. You may also see aisle after aisle of slots. Large casinos may have many aisles that in a way, resemble fields of corn.

Right in the middle of the casino, you will see table games that, at the same time, attract visitors and spread the energy and excitement all over the casino floor. Table games are typically located in clusters known as pits. The pits usually stand separately from slots, video poker machines, food buffets, restaurants and other casino functions. This is done so that not only the players but also other casino visitors can watch the action at the tables, anticipate the outcome of the games and enjoy the thrill of winning cards or rolls.


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