Cashing Out in a Live Casino

Cashing Out in a Live Casino

Once you are done playing in a live casino, you head out to the cashier’s cage. This is where you exchange your casino chips for hard cash. This is also where you can buy and exchange your slot tokens. When it comes to chips, you would buy them at the tables, yet cash them at the cashier’s cage.

Small casinos are likely to have just one cage. A big casino will probably have more than just one cashier’s cage. Highly trained casino employees handle more cash in one shift than some people will see during their entire lifetime.

The name “cashier’s cage” was coined because, in the old days, cashiers were indeed located behind bars for safety and protection. However, today, because of all the technology, safety and security equipment, most cashier’s cages look much more friendly and inviting. They are able to stay secure, yet not look like Fort Knox at the same time. Most casinos have cashier locations as far from the exits as possible.

This is happening for two reasons. The first reason is safety. The more removed a cashier’s cage is from the exit, the safer it is. The second reason is that after you cash your chips, you will have to walk a long way to an exit. During this walk, you may decide to play again. If the cage was located close to an exit, you’d be able to leave quickly and not play again. This is yet another example of how everything you see and experience in a casino is designed to keep you playing. While some people experience negative emotions about it, you should be admiring the design and all the work that goes into the creation of a casino and a system that is profitable because people pay money, yet look forward to doing so, visiting a casino, and playing.


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