Dealers, reel dealers, slot attendants and slot supervisors

Dealers, reel dealers, slot attendants and slot supervisors

While all dealers need to follow certain rules and procedures and perform similar functions, casino dealers may have different personalities and styles. This is something that you will notice right away if you observe dealers at different tables. Some are very enthusiastic, energetic and polite. Others are very blunt, sharp and efficient. When you go to a casino, your goal should be to find a table with a dealer whose style you like, so that observing the game or participating in it is going to be a pleasant experience for you.

What many casino patrons don’t understand is that dealers make a lot of money from tips, which is why a dealer is interested in seeing you win. When a person is winning, he or she is likely to be happy. When someone is losing, they are likely to be frustrated and irritated. Obviously, a dealer would prefer to deal with happy players, which is yet another reason why dealers like to see people win.

At the same time, dealers have no control over the outcome of the game. Their job is to deal cards, not to participate in the outcome.

In the United States, the average casino makes about 66% of its profits from slot machines, which is why in the American casinos, you will often see rows and rows of slot machines. The casinos are very interested in keeping the machines running with as few restocking and maintenance interruptions as possible.

Just like pit supervisors and floorpersons watch over the pits, slot attendants and slot supervisors watch over the slot machines.

The slot attendant is the person that you will see on the floor of the casino in the area with slot machines. If you are playing slots and are having some problems, the slot attendant is going to be the person helping you and answering your questions.


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